Casa Patricia Hotel & Resort

Casa Patricia Hotel & Resort

Casa Patricia Hotel & Resort is a resort in Candelaria, Quezon. This resort is known to be a top pick of intimate and special events like christening, birthday parties, debuts and of course, weddings. Their large function hall can be very flexible- the staff are known to give the celebrators and guests what they need. Themes are very much welcomed and special assistance is delivered. This is what makes the resort a special place. Be it a green nature inspired party, to the romantic all white weddings – they will provide.

Quezon Premier Hotel

Quezon Premier Hotel Candelaria, Quezon

Come and visit the Quezon Premier Hotel and Resort in Candelaria Quezon! We have been here since  2009.

The hotel comes equipped with 29 fine and elegant hotel rooms. Also containing KTV rooms, a jacuzzi and a swimming pool, a basketball court and a volleyball court. It has a multi-purpose dining hall able to contain more than 500 guests!

It?s the perfect place for company meetings, business seminars. Plus all your summer retreats and vacation spot needs.

Ongville Hotel and Events Place

Ongville Hotel and Events Place Candelaria, Quezon

Ongville Hotel and Events Place is one of the finest Hotel located in Poblacion Candelaria, Quezon.