Duties and Functions

The Administrator. Qualifications, Term, Powers and Duties.

No person shall be appointed administrator unless he is a citizen of the Philippines, a resident of the local government unit concerned, of good moral character, a holder of a college degree preferably in public administration, law, or any other related course from a recognized college or university, and a first grade civil service eligible or its equivalent. He must have acquired experience in management and administration work for at least five (5) years in the case of the provincial or city administrator, and three (3) years in the case of the municipal administrator. The term of administrator is coterminous with that of his appointing authority.

The administrator shall take charge of the office of the administrator and shall:

Develop plans and strategies and upon approval thereof by the mayor, implement the same particularly those which have to do with the management and administration-related programs and projects which the mayor is empowered to implement and which the sanggunian is empowered to provide for under this Code;

In addition to the foregoing duties and functions, the administrator shall:


Assist in the coordination of the work of all the officials of the local government unit, under the supervision, direction, and control of the mayor, and for this purpose, he may convene the chiefs of offices and other officials of the local government unit;

Establish and maintain a sound personnel program for the local government unit designed to promote career development and uphold the merit principle in the local government service;

Conduct a continuing organizational development of the local government unit with the end in view of instituting effective administrative reforms;

Be in the frontline of the delivery of administrative support services, particularly those related to the situations during and in the aftermath of man-made and natural disasters and calamities;

Recommend to the sanggunian and advise the mayor, on all other matters relative to the management and administration of the local government unit; and

Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.

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Organizational Chart of the Municipal Administrator


Performance Pledges

Overall supervision on municipal government operations Regularly Atty. Sherwin R. Gatdula, Municipal Administrator
Assists the Office of the Municipal Mayor in the implementation of various projects, programs and policies As needed Atty. Sherwin R. Gatdula, Municipal Administrator
Delivers administrative support services before, during and after man-made and/or natural disasters and calamities As needed Atty. Sherwin R. Gatdula, Municipal Administrator
Prepares and issues travel orders for rank and file employees


10-15 mins. Rosalie Manalo
Prepares and issues various permits (i.e. use of government facilities, posting of tarpaulins and banners, conduct of motorcades, parades and fun run, road closure, etc.)


5-10 mins. Maricel C. de Castro
Ma. Bernice I. Linao
Richard S. Predilla
Schedules and provides collapsible canopies for various events Within the day

(Upon Availability)

Fortunato G. Romano
Maricel C. de Castro
Ma. Bernice I. Linao
Assists in handling walk-ins and phone interactions


Instantaneously Maricel C. de Castro
Ma. Bernice I. Linao
Disseminates communication and liaises with other organizations / departments Within the day Ronnie B. Bacay
Niño Reondanga
Guillermo B. Bibar
Maricel C. de Castro
Accompanies the Municipal Administrator to and from all his engagements As needed Richard S. Predilla
Guillermo A. Bibar
Ronnie B. Bacay
Preparation and processing of Disbursement Vouchers 1-2 days Maricel C. de Castro
Richard S. Predilla
Technical and Secretarial services for procurement processes As scheduled Marilyn R. Umali
Ma. Bernice I. Linao
Enrico Limjuico
Reinald Padua
Correspondence and secretarial services As needed Ma. Bernice I. Linao
Provides traffic control services


Apprehends traffic violators


As needed Edgardo L. Briones and Traffic Management Staff
Issues appropriate tickets or penalties


As needed
Maintains cleanliness of the public cemetery


Regularly Agustin A. Hernandez
Maintains cleanliness of the Office of the Municipal Administrator


Regularly Agustin A. Hernandez
Niño Reondanga
Manages and maintains assigned government properties


Regularly Agustin A. Hernandez
Sets up sound system for Flag Ceremony and Flag Retreat as well as other related programs and activities


10-15 mins. Agustin A. Hernandez
Runs routine checks on vehicles including interior cleanliness, adequate tire pressure and fuel and oil levels As needed Ronnie B. Bacay
Guillermo A. Bibar
Fortunator G. Romano

(042) 585-4277, (042) 585-7964
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