Acting on this information the team headed by SFO2 Lloyd A Moreno immediately dispatched 607 Bravo (Anos FT) and proceeded to the abovementioned location, driven by FO1 Jayson G Glodoviza together with FO1 Jeffrey Ian Y Limbo.

Upon arrival at the scene, the responding team under the supervision of SFO2 Lloyd A Moreno immediately assessed and provided necessary assistance and first aid to the injured victim that are identified as Dennis Martin Tan Jusay, 27 years old (Motorcycle Driver), who acquired right leg lacerations possible fracture and laceration on the upper lip.

Initial investigation disclosed that on or about 1540H of 13 October 2018 along Candelaria/Maharlika Highway Brgy. Malabanban Norte, Candelaria, Quezon, vehicle 1 are traversing towards north when it was accidentally bumped/hit at the left front side portion by vehicle 2 at that time was heading opposite direction.

As a result thereof, both vehicles incurred damages of still undetermined amount while the driver of vehicle 2 sustained physical injuries and brought by the responding rescuers at Peter Paul Medical Center for medical treatment. 607 Bravo (Anos FT) returned to station at 13 1617H October 2018.